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QxtCore Module

The QxtCore module extends QtCore and contains core non-GUI functionality. More...


QxtContains miscellaneous identifiers used throughout the Qxt library
QxtMetaObjectExtensions to QMetaObject


QxtAbstractConnectionManagerInterface for classes that maintain connection pools
QxtAbstractFileLoggerEngineThe base class of file logger engines
QxtAbstractIOLoggerEngineThe base class of IO logger engines
QxtBasicFileLoggerEngineBasic file logger engine
QxtBasicSTDLoggerEngineBasic STD logger engine
QxtCsvModelQAbstractTableModel for CSV Files
QxtDeplexPuts a standard QIODevice into a QxtPipe chain
QxtFifoSimple loopback QIODevice
QxtFileLockCrossplattform way to lock a QFile
QxtFutureReference to a future result of a QxtSlotJob
QxtJSONImplements serializing/deserializing from/to JSON
QxtLineSocketActs on a QIODevice as baseclass for line-based protocols
QxtLinkedTreeFast container for tree structured data
QxtLinkedTreeIteratorFast access to an QxtLinkedTree
QxtLocaleHas some additional data and functionality, missing in QLocale
QxtLogStreamLogging stream
QxtLoggerEasy to use, easy to extend logging tool
QxtLoggerEngineThe parent class of all extended Engine Plugins
QxtMultiSignalWaiterBlocks and processes events until a group of signals is emitted
QxtPipePipeable QIODevice * * pipes can be connected to other pipes, to exchange data * The default implementation uses a buffer. * Reimplement to make your custom class able to be connected into a pipe chain. * * Example usage: *
QxtPointerListManages a list of pointers to QObjects, that cleans itself
QxtRPCServiceTransmits Qt signals over a QIODevice
QxtSignalGroupGroups signals together in a Boolean fashion
QxtSignalWaiterBlocks and processes events until a signal is emitted
QxtSlotMapperMaps signals with a specific parameter value to certain slots
QxtStdStreambufDeviceQIODevice support for std::streambuf
QxtStdioQIODevice and QxtPipe support for stdin and stdout
QxtTimerExtends QTimer
QxtXmlFileLoggerEngineXML file logger engine

Detailed Description

All other Qt modules rely on this module. To include the definitions of the module's classes, use the following directive:

    #include <QxtCore>

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Qxt 0.6.2